• Essentials Tee

  • A bestseller for a reason.
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  • Slate Grey
  • Essentials Tracks

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  • Designed & Made in India
  • Origami Face Mask

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Essentials Tee

A bestseller for a reason. SHOP

Essentials Shorts

Slate Grey Buy Now

Essentials Tracks

Navy Green // Now Available SHOP

Essentials° Collection

Designed & Made in India Shop Now

Origami Face Mask

Limited Release* Get yours now

Essentials° Collection

Made to Last. Shop Now.

Get your basics right.

Capsule° Collection


A Streetwear Label Designing Custom Pieces and High Quality Essentials in India. Bridging the gap between global and local styles by evolving the concept of fashion here in the Motherland.

Word on the Street

Plairstreet is a relatively new brand that has launched cotton face masks as a part of their essentials collection. The mask is available in 5 basic colors and is designed to provide excellent filtration while being reusable.

For the Culture

Looks simple enough, but works wonderfully. A simple, no nonsense mask to protect you from airborne particles. A must purchase.


High Quality Essentials with Innovative packaging, worth it.

Ajay S

Tried their Origami Face mask and Essentials tee and have been hooked since. Great guys making and doing something they love, all in India!

Om M

Well designed and well priced tees and hoods, packaging on point, definitely purchasing again. Good Luck Guys!

Hersh K

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